Conductio’s elements are easy to install and provide a smooth sliding surface on the downhill slope thanks to the strong safety plate. Plastic elements can be installed on top of a concrete or wooden substructure or on a natural slope.

Installation steps

A 20 mm strong water-resistant cellular plastic is applied on top of the substructure. A Tensar La 30 fastening net with a grid size of 65 mm x 65 mm is installed on top of this. The Cellular plastic and the fixing net are attached to the substructure with a perforated steel strip and anchor bolts or, alternatively, with stainless (corrosion-resistant) screws. The plastic elements are then attached to the fastening net with cable ties in such a way that they are also attached to each other at the same time. This increases safety and thus provides a smooth sliding surface.

Installation team

Our professional installation team will help you in all matters related to installation. If necessary, we will come to the site to advise and supervise the installation of our products, but if you wish, you can order our installation team to perform the entire installation.