Plastic mats, i.e. plastic elements

Conductio Oy’s plastic elements have FIS approval. The plastic elements are made of frost-resistant polypropylene, which, thanks to its low friction coefficient, is well suited for ski jumping due to its sliding properties. High-quality raw materials and the newest and highest-quality UV protection material are used for the elements. The amount of raw material we use for the product per square meter is higher than other manufacturers, which makes the fiber part of the product denser. Together, these factors enable us to give our products the longest warranty period on the market.

The plastic element consists of two parts: a fiber part and a safety plate. Our production method compresses the safety plate and the fiber part with a hydraulic press with great force into one unified element, and separate safety plates are therefore not needed. This guarantees that no fibers can come loose from the element, and it increases the durability of the product. The fixed safety plate also makes the surface smoother and increases the safety of the jumpers, when the edges of the separate safety plates cannot stick up between the fibers.

Instead of virgin raw material, it is possible to make the plastic element either completely or partially from recycled materials.

We are about to introduce a completely new type of plastic element to the market in the near future, which is made entirely of recycled material. The coefficient of friction of this new product of ours does not change even at high temperatures and therefore less water is also needed to water the plastic coating. This product is excellent for ski jumping, as the product corresponds well to the properties of snow.

Plastic elements can be produced in different colors and they can be produced according to the customer’s wishes, e.g. various images, logos and texts. These are manufactured as large elements at the factory or alternatively only during the installation phase.