Recycled plastic

Recycled plastics, i.e. recycled plastics

Conduction plastic elements can be made entirely or partially from recycled plastics. In this case, the products are made from recycled consumer packaging materials and industrial plastic materials collected from the EU area. From the recycled plastic materials, raw materials are always selected such that the properties of the final product correspond to the properties of the products made from the original raw material. In this way, the product’s service life, durability, slippage and duration of UV radiation are exactly the same as with plastic mats/elements made of virgin plastic. The warranty period is also the same, i.e. 10 years.

The advantages of using recycled plastic

A significant advantage of recycled plastic is that the existing plastic processing infrastructure can be used for the production of polypropylene. The final product is still a plastic material with the same characteristics as the product obtained from fossil oil.

In some projects, public funding is easier, or it may be required as a condition for funding.